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  Atmiya Adult Daycare Center Enriches the daytime living of your loved ones  

An Affordable Alternative to Home Health Care, Nursing homes or Assisted Living Facilities
Time to time we arrange Home visit by Atmiya Staff to interact with family members to convey progress and find out about special needs. In order to qualify for this additional assistance, a client is required to spend time with Atmiya staff member at the Atmiya Adult Care center. This will facilitate the transition from home care to the center as your loved one will be assisted by a familiar caregiver.
Additionally, this process allows:
• Help form a positive bond between your loved one and the caregiver.
• The caregiver will be familiar with your loved one and their personal likes and dislikes
• You will not have to repeat any special needs to changing caregivers.
Nursing staff and a social worker will be assigned to monitor your loved one’s progress and regulate care as needed at home. If required.
Advantages to home care
Atmiya Adult Care center offers advantages over home based care too. When seniors are home based they tend to dread going out. Yet, being at home they are likely to develop feelings of isolation and loneliness that can lead to depression. This can easily happen if the care giver has to be away part of the day on work, errands or whatever. Getting your loved one to the center is an important first step. They may actually resist this going out initially. However, once they are exposed to the activities and opportunities of interacting with others they would easily take to the lifestyle. This will assist in removing feelings of isolation and depression for many seniors.
For some seniors, with the combination of Atmiya at Home along with center care, the impact on social and emotional well-being will greatly improve. Close observation of their health is also possible on a more consistent basis.
Musical & Dancing Movements provides an unique experience of systematic exercise with music. Atmiya encourages everyone with the inclination and physical ability to participate in these activities. These include dance, walking and other forms of light exercise.
This activity offers the opportunity for Atmiya guests to have social interaction with fellow guests while maintaining physical well being by movements created especially for seniors or those with slight disabilities.
The exercises are carefully monitored and provide emotional and physical well being for many of the guests by providing movements that can lead to better health overall.
Jazz Party , Classical Music Day, Movie Day and special video programs are great attraction at Atmiya Adult Day Care.
Care for your loved one is not limited to daytime activities at Atmiya Adult Care. Atmiya clients also have the opportunities to participate in evening events. Some of the popular such activities include,
• Musical nights (Jazz music)
• Evening dinner parties with Games
• Holiday parties (Halloween, New Year’s, etc.)
Although Atmiya clients are not required to attend, these events provide a great opportunity to mingle with fellow Atmiya clients in a more casual and festive setting.
As with any other organized event at Atmiya where food is served, dietary needs are taken into consideration.
Picnics coordinated by Atmiya Adult Day Care offer a great opportunity for fellow Atmiya clients and the caring staff at Atmiya to interact with each other in a social setting. Picnics are tailored around various traditional holidays so that all seniors feel welcome and have the opportunity to honor the diversity of all.
Atmiya clients will have the opportunity to attend a barbeque or participate in crafts or gardening. As always, special care will be taken to make sure all dietary needs are met for Atmiya guests while providing fresh and delicious foods. Picnic at Park, Site seeing, visits to spiritual places, outdoor activities, visit to a mall, theaters and just hangout and many other types of picnics are organized from time to time
Family Day at Atmiya Adult Day Care offers a valuable opportunity for Atmiya members to socialize with your loved ones.
Very often primary caregivers do not have the opportunity to interact with the staff and your loved ones in the normal day to day routine. A planned Family Day allows Atmiya guests to visit their loved ones. It may be a birthday or family day or a day to simply be with the grand child at the center.
Family Day is coordinated with consideration to physical and cultural needs of Atmiya guests. Atmiya strives to insure that each guest’s needs are taken into consideration. Special care will be taken to make sure all dietary needs are met for Atmiya guests and loved ones.
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