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  Atmiya Adult Daycare Center Enriches the daytime living of your loved ones  

An Affordable Alternative to Home Health Care, Nursing homes or Assisted Living Facilities
Full-time care for seniors can be very expensive and often unnecessary. At Atmiya Adult Care we understand your concern for your loved one while you are away at work or on vacation. Yet, many seniors do not require 24 hour monitoring. Adult care during the day and on some evenings and weekends is sufficient for many seniors. Atmiya adult care can help keep the costs of caring for your loved ones within a reasonable budget for you and your loved one.
Monthly Cost of Care
Following are some examples of costs associated with various types of care for seniors:
Adult Day Care $1,260 ($61 x 21 days)
Assisted Living $4,000 ($133 x 30 days)
In Home Care. $3,570 ($170 x 21 days)
Nursing Home $6,600 ($220 x 30 days)
These figures are an average and indicative. They may be lower or higher depending on a variety of factors such as location and services provided by each type of care. As you can see, there are definite financial advantages over adult care over full-time care. Additionally, many adult care centers can take proper care of special needs without the expense of a full-time center. Contact Atmiya today at info@Atmiyaadultcare.com to find out if Adult Day Care is appropriate for your loved one.
Financial assistance is available for seniors considering Atmiya Adult Care. Assistance is available through various county, state and federal government programs. Non-government programs for are also available for financial assistance.
• General Assistance
• Supplemental aid
• Medical Assistance
• Veterans Services
• Visit your State Web site for more information
• Social Security Benefits
• Supplemental Security Income
• Pension Rights Advocate
• Reverse Mortgages
Contact Atmiya today to learn about more financial aid resources available to seniors.
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