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  Atmiya Adult Daycare Center Enriches the daytime living of your loved ones  

An Affordable Alternative to Home Health Care, Nursing homes or Assisted Living Facilities
We Care For Satisfaction
Atmiya Adult Care understands that satisfaction for seniors during the day means more than just paying attention to them. It involves active participation in all areas of their lives through careful planning from dietary to social needs and everything in between.
The Client Comes First
The philosophy of putting the client first is the way Atmiya Adult Care handles every aspect of care. All of the needs, from dietary, social, transportation and other needs are coordinated in a manner to benefit the seniors at Atmiya Adult Care. Special attention to customizing the client care to their individual needs assure that all participants’ special needs are taken care of.
Diversity is Honored
The care at Atmiya Adult Care goes beyond your loved one’s needs to understand them as a unique individual. Each individual is viewed through the richness of their personal life and their contribution to our centers is cherished.
Going the extra mile….Service Plus Something
Atmiya Adult Care goes above and beyond the call of duty to help seniors live a more fulfilling life. In addition to the expert adult day care, many activities are planned to help promote a day that not only fulfills basic needs but social, spiritual and physical needs as well. Special excursions and social activities are available for Atmiya clients.

Furthermore, any challenge an individual may be facing is never viewed as being hopeless by the staff at Atmiya. Every effort is made to accommodate and overcome any difficulties in cooperation with the client, family and staff.
"Adult Care centers offer my mother the opportunity to stay home and it gives me peace of mind that she will be taken care of during the day so I can get to work and run errands. I no longer have to worry about leaving her home alone."

"Before Adult Care, my father was depressed and did not want to leave the house. After a month at adult day care center he seems happier to get ready for the day. He enjoys the activities and new friends he has made. I enjoy hearing about his day at Atmiya."

"We were looking for an affordable way to keep Mom at home. We were glad to find a center like Atmiya. We feel very comfortable that she is in a good place during the day and can come home at night."

Management Team
Atmiya Adult Care: What Makes Us Unique?
Experience and Study Makes the Mission Perfect & Successful to deliver Service + Something
Experience and Knowledge
Atmiya has a track record of more than 25 years of experience in management, research and analysis on how to provide the best care for adults. That includes more than 8 years of experience in healthcare and care for the elderly and physically challenged persons. Atmiya decided to start an adult care center using high-tech and improvised techniques to care for elderly persons who required loving care. The goal was to provide the ultimate experience of loving and individually customized care to each individual.
A Place Like no Other
You could easily find care centers driven by old structure of operations. At Atmiya we make a difference in each senior’s life. The unique difference is our in depth study of different ethnic cultures, religions, creed & beliefs and constant attention to the changing style of caring for adults and counseling methodology internationally. We design activities and events that will benefit physical and emotional health of our clients.

Some of the activities we introduced in adult care were indoor games, literature as well as techniques of care from around the world. These features are the extra special touch that Atmiya provides. Other features at Atmiya includes ethnic intermingling, creating zeal of research and to have ultimate joy of doing something new. Create and stimulate new excited rejuvenation which leads to energy and willpower to enrich living a life. An active social life has proven to combat illness and depression in elderly persons.
The mission at Atmiya Adult Care is very clear. We strive and excel at providing clients a comfortable, safe place where they can continue to mature with dignity. Atmiya Adult Care accomplishes this by providing seniors and their loved ones an affordable alternative to the traditional fulltime or live-in senior homes.
Atmiya Adult Care focuses on activities that seniors are involved in during the day. While some evening activities are available for clients, they are in addition to the main focus of adult day care. Excellent care of a client’s emotional, psychological and physical health needs are monitored and provided by experienced, skilled staff.
As a result, Atmiya Adult Care clients will enjoy the benefits and freedom of living at home while spending their day at Atmiya Adult Care.
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